Braun Tribute FX 3030


power 600 watts, pulse mode, volume of the basic bowl 2 l, graters, disks for cutting, juicer

Main (Braun Tribute FX 3030)
Power 600 watts
Speed adjustment 15
Bowl volume 2 l
Housing material plastic
Planetary mixing
Body color white
Modules (Braun Tribute FX 3030)
Juicer for citrus, universal
Features (Braun Tribute FX 3030)
Induction bowl
Pulse mode
Space for cord storage
Nozzles included (Braun Tribute FX 3030)
Knives for grinding 2
Nozzles for mixing 1
Nozzle for sifting flour
Dough hook
The material of the bowl plastic
Head-halo 1
Trowel 1
Grater for the pancakes
Discs for slicing 2
Nozzle for French fries
Coffee grinder/mill for cereals
Nozzle for puree
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